5 Best Stainless Steel 4- slice Long Slot Toasters USA 2021

Stainless Steel 4- slice Long Slot Toaster is an essential kitchen appliance for anyone who prefers buying or making homemade artisan bread,

The ideal toasters for you will be those that toast your favourite meals. Choose a toaster with a long slot for more versatility.

Regular-slot toasters, on the other hand, are less expensive if you frequently buy or prepare tiny food items. 

A good long slot toaster can change the way you toast your favourite foods at home. Compared to traditional toasters, these toasters have a lot more features and a prettier design.

You’d be swapping out your old toaster for one with additional functionality. This list of the 7 best Stainless Steel 4- slice Long Slot Toaster on the marketplace can give you a good idea which model is right for you.

1.Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel 4- slice Long Slot Toaster

This space-saving toaster is not only attractive, it’s full of great features, and it’s easy to use. One of the reasons most users liked this toaster so much was its thinner design. 

Compared to typical 4 slot toasters, it takes up considerably less counter space.

This toaster is also excellent for toasting long bread slices such as rye and artisan bread, which comfortably fit into its slots

Be aware that one side of the toast will be darker than the other, even if you do not select the bagel option.

Never had thought about it before, but you could actually find it preferable to have one side of toast crisp & the other side a little less crispy.

Key features:

A good feature is that when the toast is done, it does not completely pop up, ensuring that it stays warm. Furthermore, the keep warm feature is very useful.

Toast lift is another great feature of this toaster which is best for removing toast without burning your fingers while trying to use toaster tongs. 

The beep when toast is ready is nice, although not sure what purpose it serves.

Having a defrost function for this toaster is useful for frozen waffles, bagels, or bread, and a warm option is an additional function

It makes no difference which slot is used, unlike some toasters, if you are using just one slot.


  • Affordable
  • Limited warranty of one year against defects.
  • Easy-to-use keep-warm feature
  • There are only five toasting shades.


  • No more than five toasting shades.

Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster overall ratings:

This Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster overall rating is 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon.com.

The Amazon reviews indicate that 63% of people who purchased this toaster returned and gave it a five-star rating, while 15% gave it four stars.

A 5-STAR REVIEW response for Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster

Looking at one of the reviews on amazon.com one of the users commented that this toaster is simply a Great Toaster.

According to them, they have upgraded their old toaster to this one, which they are pleased with.

Their old toaster is more than just a piece of junk because when it had finished toasting, they had no idea when it was finished.

There was no signal to indicate it had been released and the release mechanism wasn’t loud enough to hear it, so it was a gamble whether or not it had been done. 

However, this Hamilton Beach toaster beeps upon completion! This is so wonderful.

It’s nice that their new Hamilton Beach toaster is so long that you can fit a real piece of bread inside. 

Including room for two muffins or bagels, you can fit two of them in there. Toasting makes it taste great, and you can toast it evenly. 

Be sure to check out the dimensions in the description since this is a pretty big toaster. This is worth the extra effort if you have a big family to feed.

Some negative reviews:

keep warm feature. This is the part that most disappointed them. To make use of this feature, you must plan in advance. 

The toast won’t stay warm if you push the keep warm button when you aren’t ready for it. You need to do this BEFORE toasting your bread. Don’t expect to be ready before toasting. 

Not a big deal to them but this was the one thing that sold them on this particular hamilton beach toaster. 

While they do not use that feature much themselves, they do still like this toaster.

This feature for toasting bagels doesn’t interest them at all. For them, it’s just easy to use the regular feature for toasting their bagels. 

Nevertheless, it is their preference.


For this toaster, the bagel setting only toasts one side of the bagel. This Hamilton Beach toaster will be ideal for anyone who likes just one side of their bagel toasted.

2.IKICH Stainless Steel 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster

This IKICH 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster features a brushed stainless steel design so it can easily complement any kitchen decor. 

It is lightweight and can be stored in a cabinet or displayed beautifully on a counter.

Thanks to its crumb tray, it is easy to clean. temperature adjustment doesn’t seem to take much time.You will be happy with the appearance and functionality of this toaster.

The directions are straightforward and easy to follow. Additionally, you will be pleased with this bun toaster attachment.

Pizza slices, croissants, bagels, or potato wedges can all be toasted to perfection with this toaster. 

There is enough space for two standard loaves of bread in each slot, so the wide pan bread works well for this.

Key Features:

With an accessible muffin rack, you can easily raise it with a lever without fumbling around for separate pieces, which are likely to get lost or clutter the cooking area.

The thickness is fine for this toaster for most uses. A bit of a gap occurs between two bread slices because they are upright, but this is not a serious issue.

It is also easier to pick up small items such as buns with this high lift feature. An excellent all-rounder toaster, I would say.


  • All rounder toaster oven
  • Temperature dial is simple to use
  • Good for toasting thicker larger slices of bread
  • Easy to clean crumbs using crumb tray


  • Gives a stinky toxic-smelling for the first use of this toaster.

A 5-STAR REVIEW response for this IKICH stainless steel  4 Slice Long Slot Toaster

Looking at one of the reviews on amazon.com one of the users commented on this toaster as Does the job and looks great.

They mentioned they have been enjoying this new toaster they recently bought.

This matte black IKICH 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster was the obvious choice for them since they prefer all-black appliances currently. 

As it is a family with two children, they require a 4 slot toaster to use longer bread slices than the average sandwich bread slice. 

With their old toaster, they had to tilt it and swap it out, but that all got done. 

But with this IKICH 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster it lets them toast any size of bread evenly, so they can put any size piece of bread in. 

There were fingerprints on the toaster since it is matte black, but they were easily removed after cleaning. 

Those who shop for this type of toaster will really enjoy it and they want to recommend it to people who want to use it.

some negative reviews

For the first few slices of bread, reduce the heat all the way to prevent them from burning. usually keep it on setting 2.

This toaster needs to be operated a few times to eliminate the chemical smell. It should take no more than 2 or 3 settings to accomplish this.

Their favorite feature of this toaster was its narrow width. Does not occupy much counter space. This is their main reason for choosing this model.


It is not the best toaster for incredibly complex tasks, but if you simply want to toast your bread quickly and easily, this model might be an excellent choice.

2.BUYDEEM DT-6B83 Stainless Steel 4-Slice long slot Toaster.

A truly attractive toaster with a wonderfully vintage design that will set it apart from the modern-looking ones with stainless steel casing that have a more cold, industrial appearance.

Toasters like this one are easy to operate. There’s no manual to read since it works like a toaster should (I’m not even sure if a manual comes with it).

Since it is put between two numbers and is analog, I’m of the opinion that it works perfectly well. It is ideal for hand-cut slices of homemade bread or XL-sized bagels, due to its wide and deep slots.

Toasters with paint coatings often resist oil and water erosion, so they are easier to keep in pristine condition.Last but not least, the toaster is easy to clean using a cloth.

Key features:

This Toaster is wide and long and therefore can fit even the fancier breads without pinching the sides.

This model has an option for bagel toasting and a reheat button to prevent the toast from burning if you don’t notice it popping up and have to retoast it.

It is also quite cool that these toaster buttons have LED lights around them.

Because the tray can easily be removed from the oven, you don’t have to worry about crumbs and pieces of bread burning at the bottom, ruining the taste of your slice. 

You can adjust the knobs so that you can time it just right, whether you are toasting sandwich bread, baking Pop Tarts, or toasting toast.




  • Easy-to-use dials and buttons
  • Relatively quiet
  • 2-year warranty
  • Consistent application of heat during use
  • Toast cycles can be ended arbitrarily by pressing the Cancel button


  • Toasting based strictly on time, not browning

BUYDEEM DT-6B83 Stainless Steel 4-Slice long slot Toaster overall ratings:

This BUYDEEM DT-6B83 Toaster overall rating is 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon.com.

The Amazon reviews indicate that 84% of people who purchased this toaster returned and gave it a five-star rating, while 10% gave it four stars.

A 5-STAR REVIEW response for BUYDEEM DT-6B83 Stainless Steel 4-Slice long slot Toaster

Looking at one of the reviews on amazon.com one of the users commented that this toaster is simply a Great value for money and high performance.

They mentioned they had an old toaster which has an 750 watt power rating and was very well crafted. They also recently purchased a BUYDEEM toaster that is 1800 watts, or 900 watts per side.

Especially since it took forever to make good toasts, they were becoming very frustrated with their old toaster. 

But now that they have a BUYDEEM toaster purchased, it only takes a fraction of the time it took their old toaster to do it 

Their new toaster does not occupy twice as much counter space as their old toaster did.

Due to the bulkiness of their old toaster. In comparison to their previous toaster, this new toaster takes up about one-half the surface area.

They really like the vintage look of their new BuyDeem toaster and it does look really high-quality and fancy.

Some negative reviews

However, they wish there was a dotted line on the knobs for the user to know what setting it is, but otherwise there’s nothing wrong with this toaster.

As a result, they used their own white paint marker to highlight the lines on the knob, in order to change it to their liking.


If you want a toaster that has two advantages i.e.. Bagel toasting feature that warms both sides and Cancel button that allows arbitrarily ending toast cycles, then this toaster may be the right model for you.

3.Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 stainless steel 4 Slice Long slot Toaster

This Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 looks sleek and stylish. You can easily insert muffins in this toaster, and it will also properly toast them to a golden brown color. 

The toaster setting should initially be set to 5, which is the midpoint for the roasting coils.

In terms of how many slices it’s for, it doesn’t say how many slots there are; it only says that they’re not divided. 

Toasted slices can be as thin or as thick as you like thanks to its automatic width adjustment. Two artisan slices or four regular slices can be toasted easily with this toaster. 

The pop-up frame is perfect for warming sweet rolls. With an easy-to-adjust thermostat, it turns bread evenly.

Despite running it twice on the darkest setting, there will be no burning.

Key features:

There are six different “doneness” levels that range from very light to very dark, but each setting can be customized independently.

Toasters of this type burn slices evenly on both sides; other models lack heating elements on the interior sides or have them but do not evenly distribute heat

Warming racks that pop up work well. Sandwich rolls come out great when toasted one side with this toaster.

The exterior stays cool to the touch. The cord is sturdy and flexible.

Although it takes up some counter space, it is primarily designed for toasting large slices of bread. 

There are two slots that can accommodate slices up to 9 1/2″ in length and 1 1/8″ thick. As for the rest, it holds four standard slices of bread.

There is a maximum temperature setting of six. For bread that is not dense, that is fine; for bread that is dense, it could be set one setting higher.


  • You can easily remove and replace that bottom tray.
  • The ‘toastiness’ level can be set in several ways to satisfy different tastes.
  • It looks good on the counter.
  • Slots are truly wide enough for even roasting slices of Italian bread
  • With a dry cloth, it is easy to keep the outside clean.


  • Slots are a bit narrow.

Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 Toaster overall ratings:

This Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 Toaster overall rating is 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon.com.

The Amazon reviews indicate that 75% of people who purchased this toaster returned and gave it a five-star rating, while 14% gave it four stars.

A 5-STAR REVIEW response for Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 Toaster

Looking at one of the reviews on amazon.com one of the users commented that this toaster is simply a Great all round toaster

They mentioned they have been using a traditional 2 slice broken 20 year old toaster for a long time. 

As toasters make the perfect gift for the holidays, so they decided to shop for a new one.

In their opinion, the Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 Toaster is the best choice since it offers bagels, bagels of regular bread made with wide slices, and the option of breads made with artisan type breads with wider slices (like rye). 

They also liked the easy control of this toaster for lightness/darkness settings and the popup warming bars.

It was a little tricky for them to get two full slices of bread to fit in each hole at first, but it was doable (to toast all four slices at the same time).

They decided to toast more bread so they set it to setting 3, but they were also fine with 2 – 2.5 settings.

As a result of their testing, they found it was possible to go higher on the darkness scale setting when the bread was fresh.

It was a bit unevenly toasted, but the reason for that was the bread was not wide cut, causing it not to sit evenly between the two heating surfaces. 

But in the case of wider bagel slices, they didn’t seem to have the same problem.

They liked its easy cleaning feature and the stainless contemporary design that worked well with their kitchen. 

Basically they are Overall pleased with this toaster and they highly recommend it. 

Some negative reviews

Crumbs tend to accumulate quickly in the tray, and the unit is a little noisy during operation. 

Consequently, crumbs are always present under and around the toast, and also, the darkness settings can be adjusted appropriately.

be careful not accidentally to move the toaster while you are searching for your preferred spot. 


If you want a toaster that fits anything and will toast anything like bread, waffles, toaster pastries and bagels to perfection this is it.

4.Gevi 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster 

The retro-modern design of this toaster looks great and works well. It can easily be adjusted to the shape of a bagel with the help of a handy setting.

You’ll be impressed with the quality of this toaster as it’s a major upgrade over the previous two slice models.

It takes up little space and is not an eyesore. Sharp little toaster that gets the job done. This toaster is easy to clean and looks beautiful on my counter top.

Doesn’t take much room, and you can depend on the correct toasting amount when you set the dial.

It is very light weight compared to other toasters. Sort of cheap compared to Krups and Cuisinart toasters.

Key features

LED display that flashes a clear and simple blue number that changes when you turn the dial to the setting you want.

Has extra wide slots for bagels as well as a button for the bagel setting. Has a slide out tray for crumbs that’s easy to remove and clean.

The dial has five little blue LED buttons/notches across the edge of the round dial that lights up blue and turns off one at a time from one side to the other as the time runs down until the toast or bagels pops up so you can tell when it’s getting close to finishing.

Gevi 4 Slice Toaster overall ratings.

This Gevi 4 Slice Toaster overall rating is 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon.com.

The Amazon reviews indicate that 75% of people who purchased this toaster returned and gave it a five-star rating, while 14% gave it four stars.

A 5-STAR REVIEW response for Gevi 4 Slice Toaster

Looking at one of the reviews on amazon.com one of the users commented on this toaster is Longer Toasting

In the beginning, they tried a SacVon toaster, which has a similar display to it – the Gevi 4 Slice Toaster, which features a digital timer. 

However,Their old sacVon toaster was unable to toast the English muffins long enough for them to get brown 

This toaster also has a similar front display but the setting knob does not have a digital timer countdown, just a 5 dot timer above the knob. 

They have got the same result with this Gevi 4 Slice Toaster even though the display is quite large and not easily turned.

Nevertheless, it toasts their muffins longer so that they get them brown (it has 9 settings instead of 6 and it’s more powerful).

It doesn’t have a lift feature to get your toast out easier. 

The SacVon seems to have more quality built in, but this Gevi 4 Slice Toaster has more advantages as it toasts your mufins longer evenly on both the sides without burning

Some negative reviews

The only drawback to this toaster is how large the slices of bread fit in. If you have four slices of bread, it has to be cut in half so that it can fit into the slot of the toaster.


You will love this toaster. It does bagels well and toast to your liking. The separate controls are also great.

5.CUSIBOX 4 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster

CUSIBOX’s 4 slice toaster could be the perfect choice for those who have been dealing with lousy toasters for so long.

With this toaster you can do everything you want it to do i.e.. toast light, medium or dark etc..

It is able to toast bread evenly and seems well built. The levels of adjustment appear to be precise, as well.

You can toast a regular piece of bread in 6-7 minutes with this toaster if you are expecting it to take you that long. 

Modern kitchens can use this unit because its design is simple and elegant. The wide slots accommodate the thin toast slices without compromising the bagels and other items. 

With this CUSIBOX 4 Slice Toaster, the whole slice is toasted evenly and will appear golden brown.

Key features:

As compared to the Hamilton Beach toaster, this toaster weighs approximately half as much. Metal is extremely thin. However, the most important thing is that it works mechanically.

The process of determining the correct toasting preference is a little challenging, but once you find it, it becomes a piece of cake.

When this toaster is turned on, the glowing red button isn’t obnoxiously bright and stays cool outside. 

Both sides of the toaster are equipped with nine heating coils. Perfect for toasting bagels and bread. With 2 slots, each compartment has a crumb tray.

The bread is held perfectly in the middle of the slot by the centering device. I think you will enjoy the different levels of toasting that you can do with your bread.

You can use the number 3 setting and it will toast your bread just right. Using a higher setting will give you a little darker toast. Also, the cancel feature is useful.

CUSIBOX 4 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster overall ratings.

This CUSIBOX 4 Slice Toaster overall rating is 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon.com.

The Amazon reviews indicate that 78% of people who purchased this toaster returned and gave it a five-star rating, while 12% gave it four stars.

A 5-STAR REVIEW response for CUSIBOX 4 Slice Toaster

Looking at one of the reviews on amazon.com one of the users commented on this toaster is Great toaster, great customer service

They Absolutely love this toaster and are very impressed with their customer service. 

First and foremost, this toaster evenly browns anything it has been fed and the results are excellent.

It has browned everything they have fed it from bagels to English muffins to toast evenly and without spots on them. 

They had a toaster before this one that cost them more and did not do half as good as this CUSIBOX 4 Slice Toaster does.

Finally, you will find a picture from this toaster in the packaging. It shows how the toast will look at various settings, and it really does accomplish what it is intended to accomplish.

Additionally, they expressed their appreciation for the customer service, taking the time to contact them by email after receiving the toaster to ask questions, address any concerns, or complain. 

They really appreciate the customer care for making them feel even more confident about purchasing the toaster since that’s not something you see more often. 

For about two months, they have been using this CUSIBOX 4 Slice Toaster without any issues, and it consistently produces perfect toast every time for them.

They are planning on buying a second one and this toaster is definitely something they would recommend to others.

Some negative reviews

A temperature indicator on the knob is the only thing they want changed. It’s a small detent and It looks elegant, but it’s hard to see. 

In this case, it takes more than a glance to tell where the temperature is set.


As a toaster, this performs exactly as it should. You can toast bread with a minimum of effort. It’s great so far, and I hope it lasts long.

How To Select The Best Long Slot Toaster(Buying Guide)

Toasters are an essential part of breakfast in a busy household, so choosing the best long slot toaster is very important.

Size and number of slots

A two-slice toaster is perfect for someone who is cooking for themselves or has ample time in the morning.

Nevertheless, if you are often in a rush or have a family with many members, select a four-slot model.

Several sandwiches can be toasted at once with a four star or two star toaster model, allowing for food to be served efficiently and quickly.

Saves time

While this feature will always be valuable, its real value will be realized when everyone is rushing to get to work on time in the morning.

The time it would take to serve two toasts can quickly be reduced to four by preparing the toasts in advance.

Suitable for commercial use

Long slot toasters can also be used commercially, such as for serving breakfast or after-work snacks when you are having a large number of guests.

Effort is lower

I guess everyone will find it appealing! The work is accomplished more quickly and with less effort. At once, 4 toasts can be accomplished this way.

In addition, more people can start eating breakfast at the same time because toasting bread is no longer a chore.

Elegant look.

Long slot toaster designs have some really great features. For those who appreciate style and elegance, you can easily place these classy toasters on the counter or right in the middle of your kitchen.


A warranty can come in handy if you have an issue with your appliance or if the company needs to repair it for damage. A claim can only be filed if it is made within the warranty period. One-year warranties usually apply to long slot toaster models. 

Long slot toasters:Precautions to take

It is simple and easy to use a long slot toaster if you read the user guide and follow the steps below.

  • To help prevent burning after using a toaster, purchase one with cold walls.
  • To remove bread from a toaster easily, get one with a high lifting function.
  • When handling the toaster, don’t use wet hands.
  • Keep your long toaster out of young children’s reach.
  • Make sure your long toaster is out of reach of young children.
  • It is possible to damage the toaster and even start a fire if you butter toasters’ breads.

Our Final verdict:

Among all the Long Slot Toasters, our favourite product is IKICH Stainless Steel 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster mainly due to toasting thicker large slices of bread, pizza or bagels etc..

Our second pick is Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 which is best for its easy control of light/darkness settings for toasting.

Finally our third pick is the CUSIBOX 4 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster which is best for its light weight and aesthic design.

If you are a toast lover and want to toast your favourite foods or recipes every morning the this long slot toasters will be the best companion for you.

FAQ for the Best Long Slot Toasters

1) Q: How many pieces of toast can be toasted without using the other side of the toaster at once?

A:To toast the bread more evenly, it is recommended that you place four slices at a time.

2) Q: Which slots and where should the muffin halves be placed in the slots when toasting 1 English muffin?

A: If both slots were used at once, toast could be made more efficiently. Toasting the bread fast and evenly is done by placing it in the slots in THE CENTER.

Due to the uneven distribution of heat in the empty slot, single bread operation may cause uneven toasting results

3) Q:When cleaning outside a toaster, what’s the best method?

A: It is possible to clean the outside of a toaster when it is unplugged with a damp cloth. Cords, plugs, or the product should not be immersed in water or other liquids.

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