How To Preheat a Toaster Oven? What’s the point of Pre-heating?

So How To Preheat a Toaster Oven and What’s the point of Pre-heating?

Especially if you are living in a hot-weather climate, they have a huge advantage of preheating a toaster oven as they don’t have to heat up that big oven, which heats up your kitchen, when it is hot outside.

Not to mention that it costs a lot more money.

But what about the people who are living in cold weather climate conditions, they absolutely need to understand how to preheat a toaster oven but also need to know how to do it properly.

It’s understandable; you were reluctant to buy a toaster oven initially.

No worries, though, because we’ll walk you through the procedure of how to preheat a toaster oven from the very beginning to the end in a step-by-step process.

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Simple steps on how to Preheat a toaster oven

  • The temperature of your toaster must be customized according to your recipe.
  • Ensure that your toaster is set to the correct temperature.
  • The ideal reading temperature can range from 176 – 204 degrees or to 350 – 400 degrees.
  • After that, check to make sure your toaster oven is closed.
  • You must do this so that the toaster oven’s heat will not escape outdoors
  • You can discover preheating times included in most recipes, depending on what you prefer to cook.
  • Whatever recipe you follow, you will need to preheat your oven for 20 minutes or so.
  • Place the food in the toaster oven once it has been preheated.

Here we are going to look at the best 3 toaster ovens based on how to preheat a toaster oven during cooking

Best 3 Toaster Ovens based on faster preheating during cooking

1. Nostalgia RTOV2AQ Retro Convection Toaster Oven

Nostalgia RTOV2AQ Retro Convection Toaster Oven   Love the way this Nostalgia RTOV2AQ toaster oven looks (love the aqua color so much) and the cooking time is wonderful as it heats up quickly.

If you have a conventional toaster oven this Nostalgia RTOV2AQ toaster oven certainly replaces it and it does more than I expected.

For frying foods and making garlic toast, the convection setting of this toaster oven works wonderfully. Featuring a large interior and a double rack with a tray for crumbs and a bottom spill guard, it has an easy-to-clean interior.

It is almost as fast as the microwave and it can replace your regular oven. It Preheats pretty quickly when it is in operation.

You need to only adjust the dial a tiny bit–hardly at all–to get a light toast. Too much will result in a really brown toast. Perfect for toast lovers.

Also, it cools down fairly quickly when turned off, since it doesn’t get too hot on the outside. This toaster oven has a tiny bit of problem i.e where the racks slide off the sides when something heavy is placed inside.

For instance, a big loaf of bread is almost too much for this Nostalgia RTOV2AQ toaster oven.


  • Ease of Cleaning.
  • Adjustable temperatures from 200 to 450F.
  • Built in 60 minute timer.
  • Preheats quickly.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Light weight.


  • racks slip of the sides when you put anything heavy in this toaster oven.

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Review of a 5-star review user who Purchased this Nostalgia RTOV2AQ toaster oven on

One of the users who purchased this toaster oven commented that this toaster oven Cute & functional; the whole package.

In light of several reviews about this adorable toaster oven, they decided to acquire one to match their retro-style kitchen.

Even though the instruction manual states it should be baked in a conventional oven, they had a baked lasagna for their first meal.

As a result, they have put the last few minutes on convection when using the toaster oven, next time they will be using convection from the beginning (you have to experiment with what works).

Furthermore, they made flatbread pizzas and chicken nuggets using the bake function and they all turned out to be tasty.

Despite their best intentions, if something goes wrong with their oven, they would edit their review.

In the kitchen, they find the Nostalgia RTOV2AQ toaster oven to be very cute and aesthetically pleasing.

Review of a 4-star review user who Purchased this Nostalgia RTOV2AQ toaster oven on

One of the 4- star review user who purchased this toaster oven commented that they are In love.

They deem these ovens to be great due to their color and retro style, which match their kitchen theme, but they do the job as well. A whole sweet potato was even roasted at 400F for an hour and came out perfect.

Upon turning it off, it cools down fairly fast and doesn’t get too hot on the outside.

Some negative reviews

There was only one reason they gave it 4 stars: the top of it had a dent (quality control could have been better), and they did not want to hassle with the return process. It’s great that they offer good customer service

2. Calphalon Performance Air Fry Convection Toaster OvenCalphalon Performance Air Fry Convection Toaster Oven                      

Check on Amazon

Clean and simple design with a beautiful combination of Dark Slate Gray and Stainless Steel

There are 2 control knobs, one for navigating the cooking options while the other sets the time and temperature, which is an interesting option.

In terms of positives: 

This model includes several pans ready to go (including a dehydrator, which not everybody uses). This pizza maker looks great and isn’t so large that it doesn’t take too much space, while still cooking 12-inch pizzas (pan included). Easy-to-use controls make this Calphalon Toaster Oven easy to use.

Cooking at the Right temp and time:

To achieve even cooking, you need to rotate stuff halfway through. Even though we were baking muffins in the middle of the rack (not close to the door) at the right temp and time, the ones closest to the door didn’t cook as well as the rest of them.

There is an extremely short power cord, so to use it you’ll have to be almost on the plug. It would have been nice if the cable had been a little longer.

You can cook small dishes and pizzas on this toaster oven if you have a limited amount of counter space. In addition to using it for small items, it is also an alternative to storing them in the big oven. Unlike larger ovens, this one heats up extremely fast.

Making toast is a bit more challenging than you expect. 

Toast is toasted in 7 levels, with Level 3 barely warming frozen bread and Level 7 turning it into charcoal. The adventure of toast is never over.

Calphalon Toaster Ovens excel at cooking foods like burgers, wings, cakes, and scalloped potatoes.

There was one issue mentioned by other users’ comments, and that was the preheating setting. Once the cooking mode and time are selected, the oven begins to preheat in order to reach its desired temperature. After reaching a certain temperature, it will stop.

SIMPLE FIX to solve the preheating problem

Be sure to double-tap the Start button on your Toaster Oven to add some extra time to your cooking time! Yes, that’s right! DOUBLE-TAP IT! What it does is it will start the Timer while the oven is preheating and will allow it to continue to cook.


  • Perfect for two people.
  • various cooking options.
  • Quiet convection oven.
  • convection feature cooks food evenly.
  • Convection fan is pretty silent.
  • Crumb tray is easy to remove.


  • Top of the Toaster oven gets hot.

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Review of a 5-star review user who Purchased this calphalon air fryer convection toaster oven on

One of the users who purchased this toaster oven commented that it was Great so far.

Here’s the story of a 5 star reviewer journey who has tried and tested so many toaster ovens and finally picked this calphalon airfry convection toaster oven.

At first they needed a new one, the toaster oven that airfries their food fast.

Following some research, they settled on the Emeril Laguna 360. Although the display seemed perfect, it was not readable straight on. As a result, they returned it believing it to be defective.

They also then passed on their second one Emeril toaster oven because it experienced the same problem.

Following that, they ordered the NuWave, and sure enough, the dimensions were incorrect, so the device wouldn’t fit. Likewise, it was returned as well

One more attempt brought them to the Calphalon, and the first time in the search they did find it.

It appears that they only received two reviews, but they were all 5 stars, so perhaps they were desperate.

This Calphalon’s toaster oven, to their surprise, is beautiful and much better made than the rest of the toaster ovens they bought.

This Calphalon toaster oven has only been used so far for air fry fries, steaks, and toast, and all of them have turned out to be terrific for them.

They enjoyed the crispness of the fries. The toast was evenly browned. They were very happy so far after testing and trying so many toaster ovens and they are glad they took their time in choosing this Calphalon toaster oven.

Some negative reviews:

I applaud those responsible for designing and developing this oven! It delivers what it promises. There are numerous reasons why this product is excellent: it is well designed, efficient, quietly operates even when convection is active, and comes with useful supplies.

Despite this, the maximum vertical space for baking is only 4 inches. It would be wise for Calphalon to increase the vertical height of the oven by 4-6 inches; the quality is too high to impose unnecessary restrictions on users.


Almost everything you would expect from a toaster oven is available in the Calphalon, but for quick meals and small dinners, it has some pretty impressive results. Upkeep and cleaning are very easy. Toaster ovens like this one are definitely recommended.

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3. DAWAD Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo

DAWAD Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo                                      Check on Amazon

This air fryer toaster oven does the job of multiple kitchen gadgets, replacing them entirely.

With six pre-set cooking settings, you don’t need to guess which cooking function to select.

With one of the dials, you can choose how brown you want the toast to be. The dimensions of this air fryer are L16xH13.5xD15inches.

Five dishwasher-safe accessories are included: a fry basket, an oven rack, a baking pan, a crumb tray, and a pizza pan.

It has an option for :

  • air-fry convection bake
  • convection broil
  • bake
  • broil
  • toast
  • keep warm

Unlike conventional air fryers with enclosed baskets, these air fryers have glass doors that you can use to check and watch the progress while your food is cooking so you won’t burn it accidentally.

Additionally, the temperature can be adjusted between 250°F and 450°F. A rack or little basket is included.

A removable crumbs tray is located at the bottom of the oven, so it is easy to clean. Additionally, the timer can be set anywhere between 0 and 60 minutes using the knob.

The knobs on the top allow you to adjust the level of darkness while toasting.

In general, I like the kitchen gadget because several things are replaced and save a lot of time while cooking. Cooks your food perfectly and is easy to use.

Review of a 5-star review user who Purchased this DAWAD Airfryer Toaster Oven on

One of the users who purchased this toaster oven commented that this toaster oven Replaces two appliances.

Their goal was to remove an old appliance from their kitchen with the DAWAD Airfryer toaster oven.

They owned a toaster oven and an air fryer. The only downside of both these appliances is they must adjust their timing in order to avoid burning things because they cook so quickly.

In searching for a replacement, they came across this oven/air fryer combo i.e DAWAD Airfryer toaster oven after getting burned too many times by the Cuisinart’s outside door.

Compared with their old toaster convection oven, this DAWAD toaster oven is faster and warmer.

It’s also a lot larger than a standard pizza box and can easily fit an entire frozen pizza in it. Another huge benefit of using this Dawad toaster oven was that they no longer had to worry about getting burned by the oven door.

In just about 5 minutes, they had perfectly toasted English muffins with this toaster oven

Also, a motorman deep dish pizza was cooked in this toaster oven. It took 22 minutes at 400 degrees according to the instructions on the box.

The pizza should’ve been pulled out after 15 minutes if they had paid closer attention.

The oven is equipped with an oven light! There is plenty of space inside this toaster oven, enough to accommodate a whole chicken.

Since they have been using this DAWAD Airfryer Toaster Oven for around one week and a half and they found it awesome, so they decided to give away their old air fryer and Cuisinart convection toaster oven.


  • It is intuitive and beautifully designed.
  • save energy and time.
  • multiple functioning.
  • Save money and space.
  • Easy to read functions and dials.


  • Bottom of toast was very dark.


Once you understand how to use it, this DAWAD Airfryer Toaster Oven does work quite well. If you are well versed in using an air fryer toaster oven then this may be good for you.

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How do you know when the toaster oven has reached preheating?

It’s important to preheat the toaster oven and even more, but it’s not very time-consuming.

If you don’t preheat at first, the top of the stove will have heating elements running at full blast and because the food will be so close to them, the top side of the food will end up being overly browned or even blackened.

Just preheat for a few minutes, after which you only need the elements occasionally to hold the temperature, so your food will not become overly crisp.

To make sure your toaster oven reaches the preheat temperature, you should always use a thermometer. Testing the temperature of a toaster oven with a thermometer is relatively simple.

Using a Thermometer

  • A good way to prevent the oven thermometer from telling the temperature of the rack is to hang it in the middle of the rack.
  • In addition, your toaster oven must be preheated to 176 degrees. For approximately twenty minutes, heat your toaster oven.
  • This process should be repeated over and over again. Let it cool for 20 minutes at 176 degrees before preheating again.
  • To figure out the actual reading, divide the recordings by how many times you performed the process. You will get an accurate reading if you do this.

Using without a thermometer

Prepare your oven by heating it to a temperature of roughly 160 degrees Celsius.

Put a bit of brown or white sugar into a dish or container that will fit into the oven once the heat is on. Heat should be distributed through the sides of the container.

It takes about ten to fifteen minutes to heat the toaster oven.

Within the temperature range explained earlier, the sugar will melt. The toaster oven might be malfunctioning if it doesn’t heat up properly.

To make sure toaster ovens are heating correctly, this method can be applied to various types of sugars.

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How will it affect my food if I Started Cooking During Preheat Process?

You can damage the toaster oven if you put food inside before it has become entirely heated. Foods that are heated too soon can react as follows:

  • Broiling – The meat will dry out from broiling in a cold oven. Cooking over a high flame sears the exterior of the meat, which maintains it tender and juicy and traps the juices inside. The meat will cook instead of sear if held in a cold oven, and eventually cook at a high temperature, resulting in it being dry.
  • Baking – Yeast, baking soda, and baking powder that are used in the baking method need certain temperatures to obtain the required chemical responses. You may wind up with dough or batter that grows either too soon or too late if you place them within a cold or cool oven. This is probably the reason why a cake would fall when you bake it.
  • Roasting – A roasting process is similar to a broiling process in some way. Vegetables and meat can be overcooked if they are put in a toaster that is not heated, leaving them not as tasty. If your oven is heated to the right temperature, you will get the best results when roasting.
  • Toasting – Incorrect preheating has no effect on toasting. Because we place bread slices in ovens pre-baked, a very high temperature isn’t necessary to bake them. Thus, you do not need to preheat the slices before they are placed in the oven.

How Long Does it Take to Preheat a Toaster Oven?

Toaster ovens heat up very quickly compared to regular ovens. The size or volume plays a role in this. In this miniature oven, the hot air circulates in a much shorter time.

Some toaster ovens have an LCD on the front which displays the preheating temperature, but on most, it is a light or buzzer sound indicating that it is preheating.

A temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit can be reached in 10-15 minutes in a toaster oven without the temperature controller. Preheating time is decided by setting the temperature with higher heat. This will result in a lengthy preheating time.

What is the purpose of preheating an oven even before cooking?

Preheating your oven is a good idea, specifically if you are baking. Baking products that rely on chemicals, such as quick bread and cakes, would not grow as you expected them to be.

It would be pretty tough to make anything taste good if you baked since baking relies on an instant burst of intense heat to get it going.

In contrast, intense heat is required to brown meats, enhancing the flavor, color, and texture of food. Turning on a cold oven, throwing anything in there, and waiting for it to get heated will unlikely produce any results.

When cooked at low temperatures, meats lose their fat and juice, leaving them dry and unappealing. But what about the “low and slow” cooking that I always hear about? you might ask.

So you may ask what about the slow cooking process that many people are talking about?

This is very different from roasting a small joint in a cold oven while cooking a large joint of collagen-filled meat. The cooking process is lengthened and the meat is tenderized as a result of a low temperature.

When cooking, does preheating an oven makes any difference?

The time it takes for an oven to heat up is not going to spoil anything.

However, if the oven isn’t entirely preheated, several baked goods will invariably end up wrong. Likewise, most ovens don’t remain at regular temperatures.

They turn the burner on for a few seconds, then shut it off in order to increase the temperature. That’s not ideal for baking.

In some cases, it can affect the way food browns, especially if it’s exposed to radiation to an appropriate extent before it is fully cooked.

That’s why ovens bake with their elements on the bottom as opposed to their broiling elements on top: they keep foods from touching the element.

During the time the element is on, the bottom may get too brown.

A food scientist, Shirley Corriher, suggests preheating the oven at full power, not just when the thermostat says, but for several cycles before the food even goes on the table.

That keeps your oven heated throughout, rather than just near the edges. Baked goods with this texture are much better.

How to check if my oven is heating properly?

Just Put the probe in the center of the oven cooking cavity. Use a digital temperature measuring instrument with a thermocouple probe. Make sure the oven is on and set your temperature at 325F or 400F.

When the temperature of the oven rises, observe the digital temperature display. Temperatures will rise faster than normal in the “overshoot” phase.

When the oven becomes too hot, its temperature control will actively minimize power input, allowing it to cool down. It is the undershoot that will be recorded as the lowest temperature.

If you leave the temperature control attached to an oven that is too cool, it will increase the heat to try to reach the temperature control setting. During the heating process, the oven will heat and cool very slowly.

After four heat/cool cycles, record the top and bottom temperatures.

Consequently, the overshoot and undershoot rates for cycles 5, 6, and 7 all record highs and lows in that regard.

Averaging the 6 temperatures recorded and comparing the average to the set temperature assures you a properly calibrated oven thermostat. It is generally acceptable to vary the temperature by 10 degrees.

It is also important to calibrate the input power level.

Price Range

It is possible to find toaster ovens at all price points, starting at $50 and going up to $1000. Different features, materials, and heating elements influence the price of the oven.

Generally, quartz or ceramic is used as a heating element. Your needs can be met by choosing the oven that’s best for you.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on an oven if you only use it on a regular basis. When it comes to advanced cooking, however, you should always choose the best oven regardless of price.

More prices can also enhance the value of the product, making it possible for more production to be done.

My Final Verdict

The following information will help you set the temperature of a toaster oven. For most baking and broiling recipes, preheating is important.

preheating is needed if you want properly roasted meat or cakes with excellent texture.

Most recipes will specify the time and temperature for preheating the oven. Recipes often contain instructions about how long to preheat the oven for.

General FAQ’S

How to check if your toaster oven is heating or not?

  • Check whether the toaster is clean inside or not
  • The bread crumbs can be cleaned by opening the door on the bottom of all toasters.
  • Unplug the toaster and shake it out to get rid of the leftover crumbs. Most people are unaware of this.
  • Make sure that the outlet is powered.

When a toaster oven is not being used, is it risky to leave it plugged in?

When you are not using the toaster oven, you can generally leave it plugged in. Many people do this every day.

I use this assumption that the toaster oven is in excellent operating condition and is marked by an independent device safety test laboratory like Underwriters Laboratory, the ETL, or other respective credential agencies.

Furthermore, I would inspect the toaster oven regularly, including the plug and the cord, as well as the connection between them – to assure the cord doesn’t appear frayed (or broken, etc.).

Do toaster ovens heat up anything?

A toaster oven should work just fine since ANYTHING can be heated by this oven. A microwave works best for treating liquids, as it can mobilize molecules faster, resulting in quicker heating.

However, a toaster oven distributes heat quicker via convection. If you want to heat up something again in the future, keep that in mind.

Other factors to consider are the size of your oven and the size and shape of your food items so that you can get the best results.