Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Mini Toaster Oven Cooker review

Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Toaster Oven, we are looking at this cute pink, small compact toaster oven which is popular for its good looks and small size.

Apart from its cute design and small size, this Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Toaster Oven acquired several positive reviews on Amazon.com when this article was written. (April 2021)

We will cover all the features as well as its Pros and Cons, Recommendations to buy, pricing as well as the opinions of other users who have already purchased this Toaster Oven.

In case you don’t want to read the entire full review of this Dash Toaster Oven you can check out other buyer’s reviews at amazon.com

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A Look at the Features 

Overall score: 9/10

This Dash mini toaster oven has gained several positive feedback from the people who have purchased this oven and is mainly based on its cute design, looks, small compact size, especially the color of this toaster i.e. pink (most people are loving this pink color).

The only downside is it may get a little hot if you are cooking it at a high temperature but if you look at its cute design and great functionality these cons can be neglected.

Pros & Cons

  • It is suitable for toast and sandwiches
  • Excellent if you have a small counter space
  • Easy to use, maintain, and store
  • Small compact size
  • Great functionality
  • Heats up within 4-5 minutes
  • Toasts bread in under 2 minutes (read instructions manual).
  • No temperature setting stays at 400 degrees.


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Overview of the Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Toaster Oven

We will get a look at this quick overview of Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Mini Toaster Oven as well as its in-depth features of
whether or not this is the best one for you.

This Dash Mini Toaster Oven Features are as follows

Features: 8.5/10

A full-sized toaster oven does not compare to this dash mini toaster oven. The only downside is that the temperature cannot be changed.

This would be an easy travel companion if you move around a lot with your work. The temperature is fixed at 400° and is not adjustable.

For Those without prior experience, this Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Toaster Oven is incredibly easy to use, just put the food in and set the timer. Make sure you monitor your food until you’re used to it.

Cleaning up the oven is a breeze with this model’s removable oven rack, baking tray, and crumb tray. The timer runs even when not plugged in.

The dimensions of the tray are about 5 inches square.

Four colors are available, including aqua, pink, red, and yellow for this Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Mini Toaster Oven. You will most likely receive this Mini toaster oven in the recipient’s favorite color i.e. pink.

We suggest running this mini toaster oven without food and then letting it cool down before even cooking in it.

A variety of foods can be prepared using this mini toaster oven, including cookies, bagels, pizza, and toast. Although there is only enough room for one-half of the bagel, it toasts perfectly.

Sandwiches can also be toasted but not multiple slices can be toast simultaneously.

For preheating simply follow the instructions.

Small apartments/kitchens will benefit from this Dash Mini Toaster Oven. Small enough for a college dorm room, it’s great for a single person, not a whole family.

Quick toasting:9/10

Can this Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Mini Toaster Oven toast both sides of a piece of bread? Yes, If you remove the tray from the toaster and place the rack on it, that will toast both sides simultaneously.

Both sides toast since one element is on top and one is on the bottom. You can switch it to 2 settings and the food cooks evenly. This would also be okay on a setting of 3.

You can quickly toast some quick recipes at 2 or 3 settings such as a head of garlic, cherry tomato halves, or an English muffin, etc.

The sides may become hot when using a 5 setting, but the top will be too warm to touch comfortably, so be careful. The toaster is about the size of one slice of bread. It is perfect for so many things, especially for children.

The toaster can also make sandwiches like grilled cheese and bagels, frozen fries, pizza bagels, pizza bites, tater tots, and mochi.

The temperature of this dash mini toaster oven is fixed, so you are stuck at 400°. However, the timer helps to greatly reduce cooking time compared to using an oven.

For the pizza bites, in the manual we found that they needed to be baked for 15 minutes, however, it is cooked in 8 minutes with this Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Mini Toaster Oven

Toasting bread on a one or two-time level will be sufficient if you’re just going to do a quick bread toasting. It toasts extremely quickly, and due to this, it may catch fire so keeping it at one or two-level is safe. My point is it cooks so quickly.

Great for making toast, warming pecan coffee cake, heating pizza. Ideal size for a veggie burger or two sous vide egg bites.

You can read the instruction manual to learn how to toast your bread in under two minutes.Z

The price point will differ gradually especially during summer so if you want to check price points and read the review of this toaster oven yourself.

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What are people’s opinions about this Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Toaster Oven?

Its design was highly acclaimed by customers, who considered this Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Mini Toaster Oven is a reliable appliance based on its cute design, looks, and awesome functionality.

The positive comments about this Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Mini Toaster Oven are refreshing to hear compared to other Dash toaster Oven models that were called Too damn small, cheap, and low quality,

In fact, this Dash Mini toaster Oven has gained some decent 5 star and 4-star ratings and it is mostly due to its small compact size and also the fact it toasts bread or any other lightweight foods in just under 2 minutes.

Around 60% have positive 5-star reviews and 15% have 4-star reviews which are pretty good when compared to other toaster ovens which barely cross 50% 5-star reviews.

There have been a few reports from the users of this toaster oven not taking up too much space. They have also mentioned that your food will be cooked for around 4 minutes.

Review of a user who Purchased this Mini Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Toaster Oven Cooker?

One of the users who has purchased this mini dash toaster oven commented is Mini Toaster Oven.

Their reason for buying this Mini Dash Toaster was based on its attractive looks and no reviews. Their favorite thing about it is that it is pink, small, and compact in size.

So far, their bagel has only been cooked in the toaster oven one time, and it turned out perfectly.

They were initially disappointed with the smell of their room for the first time using their toaster oven, but it dissipated after they opened the window.

They were able to put it away quickly after the heat subsided.

They can only toast a half bagel with this dash toaster oven, but since it is intended for only one or two persons, they are okay with it.

Their first impression has been quite positive with this Dash mini toaster Oven and they really liked the pink color.

This cute little toaster has served them well for almost two years. Even though it only has one temperature and is small, it still meets their needs.

Some bad reviews

We did find some bad reviews on amazon.com. they mentioned they used this toaster oven which continuously heated up to 400 degrees, which burned everything. Since it cannot be turned down, they returned it.

they could have avoided burning their food and returning it back if they have followed the instruction manual given to them after they purchased.

it is specifically mentioned in the instructional manual that you have to use only 1 or 2-level settings if you want to toast foods like bread/waffles.

There are many positive reviews we think this person could have avoided this small mishap and read the instruction manual properly for this Mini Dash toaster oven.

Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Mini Toaster Oven Cooker


We recommend checking the Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Mini Toaster Oven at Amazon.com.

It’s primarily because you will be able to see every single review on the site once you’ve gone through it.

Amazon will typically allow you to purchase an extended warranty while you’re there, enabling you to benefit from a longer warranty than you would otherwise get.

Also available on the site are the warranty and the feedback of customers, including the accessories that can be purchased. It will be included in the frequently purchased together deal if you want to purchase them separately.

As these deals are subject to change, make sure to check out Amazon often to see if there are any current discounts available.

To conclude, we think you will be very happy with the Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Mini Toaster Oven if you are comparing this to the previous Dash Toaster Oven Models especially for its strong build and small size it would make for a very good choice.

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This Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Mini Toaster Oven received some positive reviews based on its looks and most people have used this dash toaster oven for more than 2 years due to its great functionality.

Due to its popularity and cute design that is favored by many people, we believe you will be satisfied with this Dash mini Toaster Oven purchase.

Click here to check out  Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Toaster Oven at AMAZON.COM.

FAQ for the Mini Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Toaster Oven Cooker :

we are going to give a look at the top 4 questions that most people are asking about this Dash DMTO100GBRD04 Mini Toaster Oven on amazon.com who want to purchase this product.

Q.Does the dash mini-oven allows you to roast a whole chicken thigh in foil?

A: I think that should work. It’s possible to do two thighs if they’re small ones. Having said that, I have baked a mini casserole in one and cooked other meat in it in the past.

Q.Are veggies roasted in this oven?

A: Anything you want – but only a single serving. Since there is no temperature control, one single thin layer works. Cooks very fast.

However, I’ve also made a small frittata with my roasted vegetables and they came out perfectly in the dash.

I recommend buying small silicone tart pans if you intend to bake in them. Cooking for one and not too many is the best way to learn.

Q.Is Dash able to cook tater tots?

A: You can certainly use aluminum foil for the tray if you want to cook tater tots. However, because the tray is so small you might want to use plastic wrap instead.

Instead, use a higher amount of tater tots to increase the surface area.

Q.Can I use tin foil pans for this dash toaster oven?

A.Foil can be used because it isn’t a microwave oven. To line it up, I simply used the baking sheet that came with it.

Be careful not to overfill, as the heating elements have to be cleaned with great care.