De’Longhi Livenza EO141150M Convection Toaster Oven USA 2021

De'Longhi EO141150M Toaster Oven for a family of four
In this post, we are going to take a closer look at the popular De’Longhi Livenza EO141150M Convection Toaster Oven Model.

You will be able to see the De’Longhi EO141164M AirFry Convection Toaster Oven and the De’Longhi Livenza EO141150M Convection Toaster Oven reviews which both make an awesome choice for a toaster oven With a Heat Lock system.

The main difference with the De’Longhi Livenza EO141150M Convection Toaster Oven apart from the Compact design and the Quick preheating system is the fact that this has received the MOST favorable Amazon reviews at the time of writing. (May 2021).

In this review, we will break down all of the features you’ll get with this Toaster Oven, give you our opinion on the pros and cons it has and tell you who this Toaster oven is best suited to, based on our experience.

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The De’Longhi Toaster Oven Results were presented here.

Please note as we arrived at this result by analyzing the features and relating them to the reviews to see how happy customers are with their purchases.

Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5

At, the De’Longhi Livenza EO141150M Convection Toaster Oven has been valued 4.6 out of 5 stars.

This product received a five-star review from 72 percent of Amazon reviewers, while 15 percent gave it a four-star review, and so on.

So, based on these reviews, we can deduce that people like the De’Longhi  EO141150M Toaster Oven.

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De’Longhi Livenza EO141150M Convection Toaster Oven Ratings:

We’d like to emphasize that the scores we’ve provided here just reflect the overall assessment; individual aspects and characteristics and features will be covered later in this article.

According to our study, 4% of individuals who bought it on gave it a one-star rating.

At the time of writing this post, there are more than 39 global ratings on, placing this product at a reasonable pricing range with dozens of reviews.

As you’ve seen, 4% of people purchasing this toaster oven provided a one-star rating.

We’ll tell you more about the one-star review, and about the cons and experiences shared by the people when buying this toaster oven.

We’ll also look at a five-star review to get a feel of what customers are saying.

Five-star review opinion on De’Longhi Livenza EO141150M Convection Toaster Oven

The user who has purchased this toaster oven has given this comment review We Really Like it and Use it Daily.

They said it took them WAY TOO MUCH TIME to find a new toaster oven to replace one they have been using for 13 years. Even though they were given this toaster oven for their wedding, they had no idea which brand it was, because whatever was on it they couldn’t read it.

A toaster oven in which thirty people were interested, so buying one for $10-20 at Black Friday was tempting. 

It was also discussed whether they wanted one that would do both rotisserie and air fry.

Many of the reviews indicated that the toasting function they have selected was substandard, and these functions appeared to cost $200-$350. They have guessed the “all in ones” can’t really do it all. 

Moreover, they checked several consumer reports websites and review sites, and the top-rated toaster ovens often got good reviews and some negative ones, depending on the website.

But when they accidentally glanced upon this De’Longhi Livenza Compact 1800W which had none or almost no negative reviews.

Apparently, the rack didn’t automatically open when the door was opened, so one person gave it a negative rating. 

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When trying to purchase this Toaster Oven they were looking for one that:

  • Simple to use
  • Easily readable
  • Grilled
  • Easily fit on the counter without taking up a great deal of space

De’Longhi EO141150M Toaster Oven which fit their criteria, plus BONUS:

  1. Cooking with lights inside
  2. Upon completion, a beep is heard
  3. benefits of convection cooking
  4. Their countertop looks great with stainless steel

This is where they cook pizza, pies, and all sorts of other things. They use the smaller oven when they don’t have a lot to make than using a big one.

In order to put items beneath their toaster oven, they put them on a shelf so they won’t worry that this toaster oven doesn’t open all the way, or that it gets too hot. 

Since the air vents are only on the right side of this oven, there is ample room to store the pan that came with it as well as the broiler pan used in their old oven on top of this oven.

Cleaning this De’Longhi EO141150M Toaster Oven was only given 4 stars, as they did not need to remove the crumb tray or comment on it since they have not used it yet. 

Even though the price is high i.e at above 100$ but if you are using this toaster oven it is perfect for weeknight cooking or for a family of four which makes your life much easier.

Four-star feedback on De’Longhi Livenza EO141150M Convection Toaster Oven

The user who has purchased this toaster oven for this four-star review has given this comment Compact with appealing special features.

De’Longhi Livenza EO141150M Toaster Oven has been in their possession for  5 days. 

Their old TFal convection toaster oven lasted 16 years, so they bought this model to replace it. Their needs were similar to those of the TFal, so they needed the same footprint with similar interior dimensions.

The majority of convection toaster ovens are too large and tall to fit into most kitchen cabinets. This De’Longhi one just fits them right. Essentially, they think this is like the T-Fal, minus the upper warming compartment, which they never used.

This oven was highly rated for its two-paned door construction and bright internal light, which illuminates when the oven is on.

They would have preferred a second rack instead of a pizza pan in this toaster oven because it came with a good collection of accessories. 

As this De’Longhi toaster oven has almost the same dimensions as their old T-Fal, it can be used to bake pies and puddings, roast vegetables, grill meat or sandwiches, etc.

They appreciate not having to turn on their kitchen range when they are using since there are only two of them in their family. 

The only drawbacks they found were: using it as instructed,  is with the  rack in “position 2”,

Despite the toaster oven’s sturdy body, its knobs feel flimsy and its lower heating element isn’t quite level. But even then their toaster oven toasts bread nicely on the top, but it isn’t quite as good on the bottom. Only for those reasons did we not give it a five-star rating.

De’Longhi Livenza EO141150M Convection Toaster Oven Features:


The design is very stylish and sleek. This is a gorgeous model made from stainless steel with a great digital display. The counter looks great with it.


Almost anything can be cooked in this oven. Cakes, cookies, bread, quiches, and more recipes will turn out extremely well with this toaster oven. 

This De’Longhi toaster oven can be used to prepare meals for kids over 5 (children’s foods like chicken nuggets and tater tots, for example) and you can prepare your own meals with it. Additionally, sweet potatoes can be baked within 25 minutes.

Ease of Use and Cleaning: 

Using it is easy as pie. In addition to the dial, you can use the digital display to set the time and temperature for things such as baking, toasting, pizza, baked goods, etc. Cleaning was simple and the inside is nonstick, so you can always wipe it down.


  • very short learning curve.
  • Cooks accurately and well.
  • The footprint is thankfully modest.
  • fairly easy to use.
  • Easy cleanup with a pull-out crumb tray.


  • The fan is on the louder side.

Overall Verdict:

With this De’Longhi toaster oven, you can enjoy short cooking times and high heating temperatures while eating leftovers or making convenience foods. If you’re just feeding a few people and don’t wish to use the big oven, this De’Longhi toaster oven works well for pizza or cookies.

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FAQ for the De’Longhi EO141150M Toaster Oven :

Q: Do you have a pan with a drip rack that comes with this?

A: With its pizza tray and cookie sheet, along with a pan with a 1/2″ lip, it makes a great place to eat pizza.

Broiler pans are not included.

Q: Would it be possible to take the crumb tray out of the front of the oven?

A: The crumb tray can be removed from the oven if the door is open. Cleanup and removal are very simple.

Q: What is the best way to set the temperature?

:A: The instructions I received were adequate. Choose your desired function: convection, toast. The knob at the bottom allows you to adjust the time. Press the middle button of the lower knob to select the time. When the lower known temperature is selected, once again press the button.

Q: What is the function of the toaster timer? Does it spring-load or does it operate electrically?

A: Digital timer counts down three hours from the moment the unit is turned on.

Q: Is there a way to set a timer to remain on?

A: Your question is a little vague. The timer is set each time you cook something. If you need more time you can add to what you have left on the current cook time. You just have to press the middle of the timer- temperature dial. Press it once to add more time, press it again to set a new time, and or too set a new temperature, Don’t press the start-stop button or it will cancel your present settings

Q: Is it really hot on top?

A: The top does get hot. I find it perfect for keeping the serving plate warm until what I’m cooking comes out of the oven.

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